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Your Fall Checklist Includes Maintaining Your Furnace

Your Fall Checklist Includes Maintaining your Furnace

Today marks the first day of autumn. The leaves are beginning to change color and for us Las Vegans, it’s the first sign of relief from the scorching summer months. With cooler temperatures, we’re finally able to go outside and enjoy the cooler mornings and refreshing evenings. Fall is the reason we live in the desert.

With the arrival of autumn and finally shutting off our air conditioners and opening the windows, it’s easy to neglect the thought that our heating system will soon be needing to kick in. We should all be prepping for winter during the fall to ensure your heater runs at peak performance levels when we need it to in the winter.

Here Are Five Items To Check On Your Fall Furnace Maintenance Checklist:

Filter Check/Replacement:

No matter the season, a regular filter change is the most important way to ensure your unit is running at its optimal performance and keeping the air in your home clean. At a minimum, it is recommended that the filter is changed at least every 60 days.

Dusting Indoors:

With the arrival of fall come another set of plants and flowers that drive allergens up. It’s tempting to open the doors and windows to cooler air. During this time, it’s important to dust off surfaces in the home to ensure allergens aren’t settling into your surfaces and lowering the quality of air in the home.

Check that Thermostat:

Fall is a finicky time in Las Vegas. We’re constantly switching between letting in the cool outdoor air in the morning and still needing to run the air conditioner in the evening. During this time of year, stick to your programmed thermostat schedule, as constantly changing the thermostat can lead to higher utility bills.

Keep Your Unit Free of Weeds and Debris:

We have a tendency to put things near and around the air conditioning unit. It’s very important that your unit can breathe freely in order to enable proper air flow and limit possible system breakdowns.

Service Your Furnace:

It has been said that a furnace is no more than a controlled fire. Working correctly, they are designed to operate very safe for you and your family. However, the lack of proper furnace maintenance can lead to serious problems or expensive repairs. A well-tuned furnace can provide reliable and safe heat during the coldest winter nights.

How do you make sure your furnace stays in proper working order and what are some things you do to prepare for fall? Share with us on our Facebook page!

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