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Air Conditioning Repair

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning repair is something you don’t want to wait for if your air conditioner is acting up on one of our typical 100+ degree days. You can count on us for fast and reliable service, at any time of day. We offer 24/7 AC repair to get your life back to normal, no matter when disaster strikes. Whether you need a simple maintenance tune-up for your air conditioner, or emergency AC service, we’re the HVAC company to trust!

Common Air Conditioning Problems

The most common air conditioning problems that you can find would involve improper operation of it. If you have the air conditioner running, then you want to make sure that you have closed the doors and windows. Do you have a room air conditioner? In that case, you can isolate the room from the rest of the house by closing the door. Aside from improper usage, other common issues include:

  • Inadequate Maintenance
  • Faulty Installation
  • Poor Service Procedures

The improper installment of an air conditioner can lead to low airflow or leaky ducts. For example, there have been cases where the refrigerant charge does not match the specifications of the manufacturer. A failure to provide proper refrigerant charging during the installation can cause it to act impaired. That is one of the reasons that choosing a qualified service technician can be so important. Hiring the wrong technician can exacerbate the problem.

What to Check if Your Air Conditioner Fails

In general, AC manufacturers will normally make a rugged and top-grade product, but if you do experience failed service with your AC, start with the circuit breakers and the fuses. Before resetting a breaker, however, allow for the machine to cool down. One of the common issues that people often complain about is that their AC chooses to break down on the hottest day of the year. In some cases, it may have been tripped, and you can reset it with a simple repressing of the button.

A Refrigerant Leak

Do you have an AC low on refrigerant? If so, call in a certified technician to fix it. It either had been undercharged at the installation, or it leaks, which causes it to fail. Remember: The efficiency and performance of your AC will take place based on the coolant in your air conditioning unit. You also want to fix this as soon as possible because it can harm the environment.

Improper Maintenance

You cannot allow the coils or the air filters to accumulate dirt and grime. If this happens, it will not work properly, and the fans will eventually fail before their time. Proper HVAC maintenance ensures that it will last for a longer period of time. You want to protect your investment and make sure that it will last for as long as possible.

Problems with thermostat

If you have problems with central air conditioner, you could have issues with your thermostat. The thermostat tracks the temperature, and tells the system when to operate. If your system is not operating correctly check to see if there is a battery in the thermostat that needs to be changed.

The Technician’s Process of AC Repair

Prepare First

Before the technician will troubleshoot the problem, he first gathers the information related to the equipment. This makes it easier to analyze the problem and understand how the system works. He might look over an equipment manual or examine the repair history of the system to see if he can find a common thread. Next, the technician uses careful observation skills to search for clues that might lead to an understanding of the cause. A good technician can identify the cause of the problem without a great deal of testing. They know where to look. Some of the common things to look for include:

  • Broken or Burnt Wiring
  • Oil in the Bottom of the Cabinet
  • Swollen Capacitors
  • Burnt Transformer

Address the Issue

Next, the technician pulls out his tools to address the specific problem. As a consumer, you do not want to attempt to fix the problem because air conditioners are complex machines. It can be dangerous at worst, and at best, you do not know what you are doing and can break something.

After the technician has identified the cause of the problem, a good technician eliminates the issue. Simply fixing the problem before you have identified the cause can lead to the same issue later. They check to see if corrosion, vibration, abrasion or a lack of maintenance led to the issue. Once the cause has been identified, they take steps to ensure that the air conditioner continues to work well in the future. Finally, the technician checks the operation of the system after it has been completed. They also have to look over it to guarantee that other parts of the system are not faulty.

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

On average, air conditioners will last around 12 to 15 years before you have to replace it. The older it gets, the harder the parts can be to find and the more difficult it can be to repair. You have just been given a $300 to $600 quote to repair it, but even that does not guarantee that it will still work. At that point, even if you do fix it, you could still run into issues, and you might be better off investing in a new system with warranties and guarantees.

Aside from the age, another indicator that it might be time to replace your unit would be if it does not comply with Energy Star. Today’s air conditioners are a lot more energy efficient. If your energy bill continues to rise, it might be time to look at purchasing a new air conditioner. In fact, Energy Star estimates that the average consumer will see a 20 percent drop on their heating and cooling expenses. However, some HVAC technicians offer the practical advice of if it has no leaks and your energy bills remain low, then you have little reason to replace it.