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Heating Repair

Las Vegas Heater Repair

Your furnace is an integral part of your home’s heating system. Furnaces are often tucked into attics, garages or closets, and they work quietly and efficiently. It can be easy to forget that your furnace needs regular maintenance and can fail if it is not regularly provided. This typically happens when you need your heater the most – on a cold day in Las Vegas. If you’re experiencing the heating problems, it’s best to contact a professional Las Vegas HVAC repair company as soon as possible.

What to Know About Heater Repair

  • Common Heater Related Issues
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Switches and Line Issues
  • Hire an HVAC Professional

Common Heater Related Issues

Preventive Maintenance

Understanding what issues your heater may develop is the first step towards learning the importance of maintenance and recognizing what can go wrong with this delicate, essential system. Failing to schedule annual maintenance for your heater means small issues may develop into larger problems. It is always wise to invest in preventive maintenance so your HVAC system will remain comfortable at all times of the year, and your heater can operate at optimum efficiency during the cold Las Vegas winters.

Recognizing the Need for Repair

The ability to know when your heater needs to be assessed, cleaned or repaired is important so your heater can continue to maintain the comfort of your home. If you notice that your heater is making odd noises or isn’t heating and cooling efficiently, it is time to call a qualified service technician to inspect your heater and make any necessary repairs.

Changing the Air Filter

Heaters have filters that need to be regularly changed for good airflow and smooth operation. A filter can quickly become clogged, and it makes your heater work harder when the filter does not allow air to flow through it efficiently. The heater fan can overheat or become damaged when the filter is dirty and cause the heater’s operation to fail. A heater that comes on briefly and continually cycles without putting out heat may have a dirty filter. This is a simple thing to check and replace, and it should be replaced regularly as recommended by the manufacturer – typically every one to three months.

Ignition Issues

Your furnace may have a pilot light or an electric ignition that starts your furnace’s combustion cycle. There are several different types of issues that could cause the ignition to fail, including dust and dirt, drafts, thermocouple problems or a control board issue. It could also simply mean that the ignition part needs to be replaced. It’s important to have help from a professional HVAC technician in Las Vegas to determine how to correctly repair your heater.

Limit Switch

If the heater blower is running, but no heat is coming out of the vents, it’s possible that the limit switch has failed. The limit switch regulates the temperature of the furnace, and it turns the blower on and off; it is a safety feature that prevents the furnace from overheating. If the limit switch has failed, your HVAC technician can replace it.

Thermostat or Gas Line Issues

The thermostat could also be the reason behind a heater that is not working correctly. As the brains of a the heater, a thermostat failure will certainly affect the heater’s ability to work properly. The thermostat may have a battery that needs to be replaced or may be set incorrectl – which is something you can easily check. The gas line for the furnace should also be carefully considered. If you smell gas near the furnace, call your utility provider right away for immediate assistance and leave your home until it is inspected. A gas leak can create a very dangerous situation.

Hire a Heating Repair Service Professional

Repairing your heater yourself is typically not a good idea unless you have specialized knowledge about mechanical systems. There are many moving parts, and safety is important as well. With the exception of changing a dirty filter, it is best to call a professional HVAC repair service in Las Vegas to assist you with your furnace needs. You may accidentally cause additional problems or invalidate the warranty on your furnace.