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The Next Installment

The Next Installment…

Check out the next installment of how Right Now Air came to be as we continue to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year.

Who would have thought two friends having lunch would be life changing?

It was the middle of summer back in 1999 when two friends, Scott and Larry, decided to have lunch and “talk shop.” We had been competitors for many years and had become friends while sitting together as board members of a local trade association. At that time, our trade was in the middle of enormous change. National companies were buying several locally owned A/C companies in Las Vegas to eliminate competition and control the market. Both of us had been approached to sell our businesses before having lunch that day.

Neither of us had any desire to sell our companies at that time, but were concerned how we would compete with the national companies operating in our community. The fear was these large corporations would have advertising budgets that a family-owned company could only dream of and if we didn’t agree to sell to them, we would be squashed. The next part of the story gets a little foggy, but Larry mentions, “Why don’t we merge our two companies?” We discussed the benefits of combining our two companies and agreed to explore the idea. We both had office and warehouse space, liability insurance, advertising expenses and many other costs that could be reduced operating as one company. The idea was that we would keep moving forward until we found a reason to stop or we would merge the two businesses by the end of that year. In December 1999, Larry’s Refrigeration and Custom Cooling & Heating became one company.

“Looking back, we greatly underestimated all the change we would endure,” states Larry. “Scott lost a lot of hair and mine turned gray in the first two years!” he says with a laugh. Together we worked through all the details and somehow kept the ship afloat. In 2002, we officially changed our name to Right Now Air with our tag line “We fix it right and we fix it right now.”

Today, there are national and even international air conditioning companies in Las Vegas. They are impossible to spot. They are disguised as local companies and won’t advertise that their corporate offices are in other states and countries. Thankfully, we have been successful being a local, family-owned air conditioning company servicing the Las Vegas Valley for more than 30 years. Our policy is to Do What’s Right and Do It Now. Stay tuned for our next installment on what the future will look like for you and your home comfort system.

Your friends.

Scott & Larry