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The Cost Of AC Repair and Replacement

The Cost of AC Repairs & Replacement

With summer hitting temperatures hitting triple digits, ceiling and electrical fans just aren’t cutting it. AC repair in Las Vegasis one of the most vital components to living in the Valley. Between the beating sun throughout the day and the endless dry heat that surrounds us throughout most summer nights, a working unit is imperative. As we stroll into Las Vegas’s scorching season, many of us are running to the air conditioner to ensure a comfortable and more enjoyable summer. In addition to maintaining a cool temperature during the day, cooler temperatures also make for better sleep.

When we reach for that thermostat to crank on the air conditioner, some may find it’s in need of a tune-up, or – gasp – a full-on air conditioning repair or replacement. Undoubtedly, that leads to overwhelming questions and wondering just how much that’s going to cost. Here, we address your most asked questions:

What is an AC Tune-Up?

An AC tune-up involves many steps. Both indoor and outdoor units are cleaned, ensuring the removal of any dirt or debris that have the ability to restrict air flow, which reduces equipment efficiency. Then, the refrigerant levels are looked over and adjusted to be within manufacturers’ specifications. Finally, numerous mechanical components will be examined for any wear and tear or potential failure. The result of a tune-up is an air conditioning and heating system you can rely on.

Will AC Tune-Ups Save Me Money?

Tune-ups are very valuable to home owners. A good tune-up will restore much of the lost efficiency and improve reliability, as well as catch minor problems before they become major issues that can lead to failure. Because of this, having your AC “tuned-up” regularly should save you a substantial amount of money in repair costs in the long run, leaving more of your money in your pocket, which you can contribute to your child’s college savings fund or use to help fund that “dream” vacation that you have been wanting to go on for quite some time. The importance of having your AC regularly tuned-up can not be emphasized enough.

How Much Does an AC Tune-Up Usually Cost?

You don’t have to spend a great deal of money for outstanding work and service. Most companies can perform a quality tune-up for an amount between $69 and $129 and the service will more than pay for itself with increased efficiency and added dependability.

What Will an AC Replacement Cost?

Customers can save money with discounts on repairs and reduced energy use. Right Now Air has a customer discount program called the Discount Club Agreement, available when equipment is maintained annually. For a low annual rate, Right Now Air customers receive Priority Service, Discounted Rates and Special Savings, plus a precision tune-up and safety check as part of the agreement, making this a tremendous way to save. The Discount Club Agreement is not only a great value but gives peace of mind knowing your equipment has been checked for safety, proper operation and potential mechanical problems.

Every home is different when it comes to replacing air conditioners. Some jobs can be performed in half of a day, while others may take several days to perform the work required. The only way to be accurate is to have an expert assess the home and determine what is required to do the job correctly.

Air Conditioning is Beneficial to Your Health!

We know that temperature affects your quality of sleep. Insomnia-related problems can be solved by lowering the temperature in the bedroom. The typical recommendation for the best sleep temperatures is no lower than 54 degrees and no higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the most optimal sleep. Of course, everyone is different so the temperature should be set at a comfortable level, depending on the person.

At Right Now Air, we take your comfort and safety seriously. We know that you want a comfortable home environment and without your working air conditioning, you’re anything but that. That’s why we offer 24/7 air conditioning repair service to get your system back up and running again. Contact us, day or night, if your system needs attention. Our “Do It Right Guys” will come to your rescue when you want emergency air conditioning repair, have heating problems, or just need a hand. Call us today at (702) 362-6161!