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Back To School Savings We’re Extending Our Seasonal Tune-Up Offer

Back-To-School Savings: We’re Extending Our Seasonal Tune-Up Offer!

Back-to-School is on the brain for parents everywhere, as the new clothing and school supplies are purchased, haircuts completed and a change in routine is just around the corner. With the kids back in the classroom, it’s the perfect time to get a tune-up on your air conditioner to ensure it performs optimally through the rest of the season.

With Vegas particularly experiencing a heat wave, your air conditioner is working hard, which allows for dust, grime and even mold to build up if not maintained or cleaned properly.

Lucky for you, we’ve extended our seasonal offer for a tune-up for just $64.95. Take advantage of this Back-to-School savings.

What is a tune-up? A tune-up involves many steps. Outdoor coils are cleaned, ensuring the removal of any dirt or debris that have the ability to restrict air flow, which reduces equipment efficiency. Then, the refrigerant levels are looked over to be certain it is within manufacturers’ specifications. Finally, numerous mechanical components will be examined for any wear and tear or potential failure. The result of a tune-up is an air conditioning system you can rely on.

Schedule Now: When it comes to a back-to-school checklist, making sure your HVAC is running optimally should be top-of-mind to ensure savings in the long run and a unit that performs optimally when you need it to.

Get your HVAC right this back-to-school season. Call us today at 702-996-6215 and take advantage of our end of season tune-up discount of $64.95.