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9 Air Conditioning Tips To Save Costs In Las Vegas

9 Air Conditioning Tips to Save Costs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas homes tend to consume a large amount of electricity to power their air conditioning systems on a yearly basis. Naturally, these costs rise in summer and fall in the off seasons, but you may be wasting your money without noticing. Unless you have an abundance of spare cash around or some hot tips on the best money making apps available, these costs can add up quickly and leave you feeling the “heat.” Here are 10 helpful tips that homeowners have been using for years to help keep electric bills low, while also keeping your home cool all year round.

1. Seal Vents and Cracks Around the House

The coolest and of course the coldest place in your home is the basement. However, the majority of your home’s vents are located there creating the perfect place for cool air to escape. Not to mention, cool air-conditioned air can be escaping through small cracks in your walls due to wear and tear. It’s best to always keep cracks sealed during the hotter seasons to help conceal your cold air which will lower the amount of time you need the A.C. on.

2. Only Lower Your Home’s Thermostat When You’re Home

Many people make the mistake of leaving their thermostat on an incredibly low temperature all day. This will only run you into an overly cold house and insane electric bills. Instead, only lower the temperature when you’re home and leave your thermostat at room temperature either at night or when you’re not at home. According to the Department of Energy, you can save nearly 5-15% on your A.C. bills by raising or keeping your thermostat at a normal level of 78 degrees to help lower your overall billing costs.

3. Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Functional

The last thing you want is a malfunctioning air conditioning unit which in turn could leave you with a higher electric bill. The Department of Energy says to “Keep the filter clean to allow for good air movement and keep the unit level so the condensation drains properly.” You especially want to look for an A.C. unit that offers a high-energy efficiency ratio to help keep your costs lower each month. After all, a higher EER rating means a much more effective and efficient to keep your house nice and cool all summer long.

4. Turn Lights Off to Help Reduce Heat

One of the biggest factors to help lower the temperature in your home is the amount of light you have on. By turning off larger light bases appliances, as well as closing shades in your home, you can help lower the overall temperature and not have to use the air conditioner as much. Although it may seem tedious, it can affect your electricity bill greatly which proves to be worth the effort.

5. Use Your Fans

Don’t get me wrong, the AC is wonderful, but having the help of a few fans won’t hurt. Use them to supplement the cooling. Your air conditioner will keep your room cool, but the fans will help to circulate the cool air faster. This means you will not need your AC turned up as high or on for as long, thus you are saving energy.

6. Skip the Cooking

As good as that home cooked meal may taste, it may be impossible to enjoy in the terrible heat. Use the stovetop and oven as little as possible, as they will create unnecessary heat. Prepare microwave meals and fresh foods. If you must use your stove, only do so in the evening when the temperature drops. After you cooking, turn on your kitchen exhaust. This will remove heat and reduce humidity before it becomes unbearable.

7. Move your Furniture

Make sure your furniture is not blocking your air conditioner or any of your vents. Any poorly placed furniture can disrupt the airflow and keep that nice, cold air from getting to you. There are plastic pieces that can attach to your air vents that will help to force the air in the right direction. However, it is probably easier to just rearrange your furniture. Don’t worry, you can move it back when the hot season is over.

8. Lower the AC at Night

Without the sun shining down on your home, it will naturally get cooler during the night. While you sleep raise the temperature slightly, or open a window. Doing so will cut down your bill significantly.

9. Spruce Up Your Garden

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to reduce air conditioning costs, but it can really make a big difference. Most of the heat that accumulates inside a house comes from the sun shining in the windows and on the roof. By planting some leafy trees around your house, you will be creating shade and blocking your house from the sun’s harmful rays. The cost of buying and planting trees may seem like a lot, but it will save you more in the long-term, plus trees increase the value of your home. According to the US Department of Energy, an air conditioner’s efficiency increases by 10% if it is in the shade.

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