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30 Years Website Unveiling

30 Years and a Newly-Designed Website Unveiling

Recently we unveiled our newly-designed website, which features enhanced functionality and a responsive design. The website is in line with our 30-year milestone anniversary, marked this April.

The site boasts a modern, rebranded look and feel, along with updated features, new photography throughout, targeted and organized content to allow for better user interface and has been optimized for search engine optimization. In addition to highlighting Right Now Air’s services, viewers can easily navigate the website on any device – personal computer, smartphone or tablet.

“This is an exciting move for us, as we are continuously working to improve our digital space, making it easier for clients and potential clients to find us online,” said Scott Meier, co-owner of Right Now Air. “We are celebrating a milestone anniversary this year, and the timing was important for us to launch a newly-designed website to provide a user-friendly online experience.”

A new logo was designed for use on communications materials and branded items throughout the anniversary year.

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