Phyllis in Las Vegas, NV

Although my two A/C units are getting older and I was advised to consider replacing them I was delighted to know I didn’t have to do it immediately.

CarolAnn in Las Vegas, NV

So glad I called back when my A/C still wasn’t actually cooling my house. I’d had RightNowAir check it out on May 2, but “all specs were in line” per that tech. This time I requested a tech a bit older/more experienced, because I KNEW something was wrong with the unit. He checked and found the coils were freezing up, which indicated low refrigerant. It was so low, it almost half its capacity. Within a few minutes, I could feel the difference in the “chill” of the air coming out of the vents and Joey’s thermometer in one of the vents indicated the temp had dropped 10 degrees in just those few minutes. What a relief.

Cathy in Las Vegas, NV

From the very first contact with RNA, to the completion of the service, everyone was very professional and competent!

Cindy in Las Vegas, NV

The technician was a very courteous and caring repair person. We asked for him when we had additional work done.

Paul in Henderson, NV

The repairman was neat, on time, efficient and courteous. Great customer service from point of contact via phone with their office staff up through the completion of the repair work.

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