Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

Las Vegas summers are sweltering, often reaching highs over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Air conditioners are a necessary staple in the Southwest, cooling down body temperatures, helping conserve liquid water in people’s’ bodies, and providing more comfort than homes or buildings without them. HVAC units (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units) often stop blowing cold air…
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The Cost of AC Repairs & Replacement

With summer hitting temperatures hitting triple digits, ceiling and electrical fans just aren’t cutting it. AC repair in Las Vegas is one of the most vital components to living in the Valley. Between the beating sun throughout the day and the endless dry heat that surrounds us throughout most summer nights, a working unit is imperative.…
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Getting Your AC System Ready for Summer

It’s that time of year again! Summer is the time to start thinking about shutting down the furnace and turning on the air conditioner. In certain areas of the country, such as Las Vegas with our extreme heat in the summers, not having dependable air conditioning is not an option, so it’s important to inspect…
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What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Air Filter

Your household’s “To-Do List” never seems to get any shorter, does it? Still, you manage to get it done because that’s what a good homeowner does. Well, we hate to be a burden, but we want to tell you a few reasons why changing your air filters belongs at the top of that never-ending list…
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9 Air Conditioning Tips to Save Costs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas homes tend to consume a large amount of electricity to power their air conditioning systems on a yearly basis. Naturally, these costs rise in summer and fall in the off seasons, but you may be wasting your money without noticing. Unless you have an abundance of spare cash around or some hot tips…
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Most Common Issues with Your Thermostat

  At Right Now Air, we provide reliable heating and cooling services to the residents of Las Vegas looking to manage the comfort of their homes and office spaces. We have a flexible 24/7 operation, giving all our customers the opportunity to take advantage of our skilled and friendly techs.We are so confident in our…
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Gas vs Electric Heating Systems

Gas and electric heating systems are two of the most common heating systems in Las Vegas, and each of them have unique benefits. This article will explain the differences between gas furnaces and electric heaters as well as pro and cons. How Do Gas Furnaces Work? Gas furnaces use a heat source such as natural…
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10 Energy Saving Tips for Winter in Las Vegas

Winter is a time when you have to inspect your home to make sure that it is as energy efficient as possible. When the cold weather arrives, you need to take steps to ensure that your house does not waste energy while keeping your family warm. This fall, follow these 10 energy saving tips to…
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Your Fall Checklist Includes Maintaining your Furnace

Today marks the first day of autumn. The leaves are beginning to change color and for us Las Vegans, it’s the first sign of relief from the scorching summer months. With cooler temperatures, we’re finally able to go outside and enjoy the cooler mornings and refreshing evenings. Fall is the reason we live in the…
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